Friday, November 25, 2005


I read in the local rag today that residents of Auchermuchty have voted against plans to have a windfarm sited near the town. I read similar stories about the proposed windfarm on Clatto Hill.

It pisses me off no end that most of the residents probably wouldn't mind the turbines being there. but the usual bunch of NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yard) shout and moan because they are worried about their property prices being slightly lower or some other trivial matter.
Its usually the same type of people... Conservative voter... Middle to Upper class... 200k+ property owner... drives umpteen 4x4s... kids at private school... you know the type.
Its just that they are the ones creating so much opposition to the plans that they eventually get dropped, when most who don't mind don't voice their opinion as loudly.

I mean there are pylons and telecommunications masts everywhere thesedays. A few more man made structures are hardly goung to hurt. Especially when the benifits far outweigh the negatives. We are crying out for cheap electricity from renewable sources and these windfarms fit the bill so well. They aren't that much of a blot on the landscape, less so that mobile phone masts or pylons. But yet everywhere they are proposed, the NIMBYs come out in force.

Why should a small group of well off snobs spoill it for everyone else? Urgh.

Return Of The Champions DVD

Ooops, forgot to update the blog on this one, but as you can read on my website, the mix was used on the menus and closing credits on the DVD.
The sound was pretty ropey. I guess they couldn't get a CD quality copy of the vocal tracks from Sergey as I provided QP with a CD quality source of the music. Oh well.
Its a pity as if I was given access to a clean copy of Freddie's vocals, I could have made a better mix than the original, but I guess that remains tantalisingly out of reach for now.